Driving force

Whenever I’m working on a really juicy challenge, and suddenly, creative inspiration strikes—there’s this magical feeling that washes over me. The best way I can describe it is a mixture of curiosity, possibility, euphoria, and enthusiasm. The kind of moment when I want to proclaim, “YESSS! That’s it!”

I vividly recall experiencing this “eureka” sensation many times, including:

The cubicle conversation

when three fellow copywriters and I coined the name of our blog-to-be, Working Moms Against Guilt, which turned into a passion project that drew national media attention.

The tech startup brainstorm

when I wondered aloud: “Hey, what if we applied the principles of long-lead editorial planning to tech-enabled marketing for Pinterest?”

The board meeting

when I realized our church could use automation and drip campaigns to grow membership—without requiring extra time and help from volunteers.
Truth be told, these are the times when I really come alive. When I can draw from all my years of experience in journalism, print and digital publishing, marketing, advertising, and technology, and make a real, tangible contribution to the world. When I’ve got all cylinders firing, all systems go. It’s a beautiful thing.

As a passionate, experienced content strategist, I relish these magical moments in my day-to-day work. When clients need help solving their latest problem or meeting a new objective, that’s my chance. To get the creative juices flowing. To seek out bold, unexpected connections. To channel everything I know and learn from others into the next big idea.



"Star Trek" Episodes Watched

Books on "Want to Read" List

It is in our nature to need stories… Their logic is how we naturally think. They configure our biology, and how we feel, in ways long essential for our survival.

— Jag Bhalla, Scientific American

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I've had the pleasure of working with Susan for years, first as a colleague and now as a freelancer. Her expertise and ability to bring creative ideas to the table is top notch. She is an extremely talented writer and consistently delivers above my expectations. I trust her for even my most difficult projects. I’m always confident that we will deliver successful creative solutions for my clients knowing I've got her on my team.

Marne Harding, Cofounder and Partner @ Blue Vine Events

Not only can Susan juggle multiple blogs, social media campaigns/clients and other writing engagements but she does it with a keen eye of excellence and perfection with a sprinkle of personality.

Jesy Herron, Client Relationship & Strategic Digital Marketing @ US Digital Partners

You couldn't ask for a more talented, sharp and motivated individual than Susan. She was an excellent manager, and always gave people the support they needed to excel at their jobs. She is a talented copywriter, energetic team member and all around awesome person.

Cara Reeves, Freelance Copy Director & Copywriter


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