Harmony UU

Podcasts have been part of my balanced listening diet for years. Perhaps that’s why, shortly after joining a new church, Harmony UU, I was eager to subscribe to the podcast I kept hearing about in the announcements. I quickly discovered there was no actual podcast. Instead, members were directed to a shared Dropbox folder, where we could dig up raw audio recordings of the latest services. 

I saw this as the universe calling me to finally start a podcast of my own. Then, I dove into all the podcasting online resources and taught myself how to publish a podcast from scratch. During the process, I’ve learned a lot about recording and editing audio, hiring talent for the intro and outro voiceovers, mixing sound files, and much more. The best part: my fellow church members and I can now easily listen to any Sunday sermon we miss. Bonus: More than 1,200 people have listened to the podcast worldwide.


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